Professor: Paul Sheriff

Your babushka’s favorite vodka. LELEYAT Vodka is an artisanal Russian vodka brand inspired by traditional Russian matryoshka dolls with a whimsical, fresh twist and a
high ABV%.

   The prompt for this project was to create a brand identity and packaging for alcohol inspired by a location. I had a few different sketches and ideas, but ultimately landed on the idea of a Russian vodka with a bottle somehow depicting a matryoshka doll, also known as a Russian nesting doll.
    The name, LELEYAT, was something that I figured out pretty early on in the design process. It’s a Russian word meaning to cherish, nourish, entertain, or mother. Matryoshka dolls are representative of a mother carrying a child inside of her and illustrate unity. I wanted the name to represent this.

   Within this project, we were tasked to create some sort of packaging or container for the alcohol bottle to come inside. Since the shape of my bottle resembles the shape of the matryoshka itself, I was determined to make the container for this bottle another matryoshka shell, allowing the consumer to have an experience similar to one you would get from real matryoshka dolls.    After all of this was fleshed out, I was finally able to start designing!
  After coming up with these face concepts, deciding on one I liked, and creating a logo, I decided that while I liked what I had, it felt a bit too childish for a vodka brand. I wanted to keep the design fun and whimsical, but I also wanted it to be cool, clean and mature enough to indicate that it is not for children.
   Once I made some revisions to the face, I landed on something that perfectly encapsulated what I wanted my brand to convey.
  From there, I was able to design the dresses of my matryoshkas. There are 3 designs with corresponding flavors; original vodka, cherry, and apple. Both the flavors and dress designs are inspired by traditional Russian flavors and clothing.

Taylor O’Shaughnessy