SF Ballet Gala Invite
Professor: Paul Sheriff

A gala invite design for the San Francisco Ballet that plays with the use of patterns and textures. Includes an envelope, an invitation, a drink ticket, and a parking pass. The design is inspired by the San Francisco Ballet company itself and their performances: modern and cutting-edge yet classic and beautiful.

   This was a very exciting and in-depth project where I was able to utilize new tools and techniques to craft my end product. I wanted the design of my invite to be engaging and unique, and I thought doing something involving a die-cut would be the perfect solution.

   I created each 3D asset model for my invite in Fantastic Fold, allowing me to fully customize how the user would interact with my invite and the effect that it would have. The die-cut logo unfolds to reveal a pattern of SF Ballet dancers, and a shocking pink background. I wanted to keep the color palette minimal yet striking, and I think the pink helps accomplish that. To contrast the bold colors and grungy patterns, I used elegant, simple fonts with a symmetrical and minimalistic layout. ₊ ♪˚⊹₊

Taylor O’Shaughnessy