DART Magazine
Professor: Kelly Holohan

A youth fashion and pop culture magazine experimenting with style and layout.  #trendalert

      DART is a project that I had fantasized about creating for much of my design career. I had always wanted to make a magazine, but had no clue where to begin, and knew nothing about layout. Thankfully, in a Typography class during my Junior year of college, I was able to learn more about layout and was given the chance to create a magazine cover along with multiple spreads.

   This magazine at its core is a pop culture magazine with a focus on fashion. I wanted to experiment with style for this project and have a lot of fun with the design, utilizing techniques that I haven’t tried before. I included mixed media elements and utilized a fun collage style, along with bold colors and scanned doodles that I drew on paper. This project was a turning point for me when it came to stepping out of my comfort zone and experimenting with design.

Taylor O’Shaughnessy