The Crucible
Professor: Kelly Holohan

A book cover for Arthur Miller’s The Crucible inspired by typographic layout from the Bible.

When this project was introduced, I immediately knew I wanted to work on a cover for The Crucible for a variety of reasons. We read this book in my junior year of high school and watched the play, and I loved it back then. It felt like a really fun, full-circle experience to design a cover for it, and my mind was racing with inspiration since there were just so many things to pull from.

I really wanted to incorporate some sort of Biblical imagery into this design since it is such a huge part of the play. I decided to research Bible verses that were referenced in or relevant to the play and used one of them to mimic the typographic layout of the Bible while incorporating the title and author’s name. I used a bright, bold red color to contrast the purity and simplicity of the Bible, representing the apparent evil in the story. ˚₊‧ ♱˚₊

Taylor O’Shaughnessy